Many of you are planning a trip to Italy with kids for the next spring/summer, right? Find here some useful advices from My Piccolo Italiano, a blog who knows very well what it means to explore the Belpaese with children


If you are planning a trip to Italy with kids, you came to the right blog today. You know how much I love to explore this amazing Country with my tours in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Pisa and Alberobello ! I am very happy to have found another person who can tell her personal experience about exploring Italy with kids, her name is Jana and her blog ‘My Piccolo Italiano‘ is a great news source!

Read the interview below and enjoy planning your next trip to Italy with kids. Follow me!

italy with kids



What is the best part of traveling with kids for you?

My favorite part of traveling with our daughter is the uninterrupted time we get to spend together. At home, there are always obligations or distractions like chores we need to do or the phone buzzing with text messages. Especially when traveling internationally, the “to-do” list disappears, and my phone is usually off and put away. Traveling is an excuse to turn off the stress from home,  focus on who you are with and the experiences you are having.

italy with kids


How’s Italy from an American-Italian family point of view?

My husband grew up in Rome, and when we go back, we stay with his family there. So, I have a pretty “inside” view of what life is like in Italy with kids. I love the focus on family and good food. In general, the people are warm and friendly and always welcoming to kids.

How has traveling changed your daughter’s life?

My daughter is very fortunate to have family in Italy and be able to visit them. Travel helps give everyone a different point of view from their own, hopefully inspiring empathy for others. At age 5, my daughter is still young. As she grows older, I look forward to seeing how having the opportunity to travel to Italy impacts her view of the world.

italy with kids


Tell me 3 things Piccolo Italiano absolutely recommends when traveling in Italy with kids.

Take it slow! I understand when people travel, they want to see all the highlights of their destination. Make sure to leave time to wander, find hidden gems, and have downtime to focus on family. In younger children, taking it slow will help fend off temper tantrums if everyone is relaxed, not rushed, and well-rested.

Direct flights! People often ask when taking long flights if they should make a connecting stop to give the kids a “break.” The boarding & un-boarding of flights is the most stressful time for kids and families. It also prolongs the travel time, not to mention what happens when a flight is missed or delayed.

Push back bedtime & sleep in later. This is the advice I give families traveling from the US to Italy. Most restaurants don’t even open until 7:30 or 8 PM in Italy, which is past many kid’s bedtimes in the US.

How has writing a family travel blog changed your life?

My family travel blog,, is a little different than other travel blogs. It’s not so much about sharing my family’s travels as it is helping other families plan their vacation to Italy. I have always been someone people came to with questions when they are planning their trip to Italy. But now that I have been blogging and spending hours every day researching, I have become so much more knowledgeable about all things Italy!




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