2020 starts good with a new blog column about Family travel bloggers! Come with me and listen to the precious advices of family travel professionals. I can’t wait to hear your experiences too!

New year, new propositions! I have decided to go deeper into the life of people I love, families! Some of them can be a real inspiration for other families. I am talking about family travel bloggers and I would like to start from a family I really like and had the pleasure to meet in Rome few years ago, the Mini Travellers! Karen and her beautiful family told me many things about the bad and the good of travelling with kids, so I thought their great experience can be helpful for all those who are in search for travel tips.


The first time we met, we had fun exploring the Colosseum and the roman forum, then they interview me and we talked about visiting Florence with kids. Here they are, now, telling us about how your family life can chance if you travel.
mini travellers

Credits @Mini Travellers

What is the best part of traveling with kids for you?

Watching their faces when they discover new things and then hearing them share their experiences with others

They say that traveling changes people, how much has it changed your kids?

They appreciate what they have more, from our Africa travel.  I mean it’s not like they remember that every day but they do in the main. I also love how it has made them more confident with adults, they can hold their own in most conversations, even at just 8 and 9.
mini travellers

Credits @Mini Travellers

Tell me 3 things you absolutely recommend when traveling with kids.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks – oh and maybe water! But in all seriousness maybe iPads and we love our Pipity activity bags too.

Family travel is an exciting experience for both adults and children. What is your best travel memory until now?

It has to be seeing the gorillas in Rwanda and being so close that one touched me.
mini travellers

Credits @Mini Travellers

How writing a family travel blog has changed your life?

In so many ways but its given me a chance to travel really frequently with my kids and also be at home for them in the week too. I was a lawyer and believe me you don’t get those perks.
Thank you, Mini Travellers!


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