Looking for the best museums for kids Rome can offer? Here you can find 3! After a Tapsy Tour of the city, let’s get ready to discover more about art and science in 3 special places!


Rome is the kingdom of culture and history, but which are the best museums for kids in the city? Exploring Rome can be tough, especially if it’s the first time in town. The are lot of highlights and they can be very far from each other, so better being organized! Your life will be easier and kids will not get bored or annoying going from one place to another if you plan things in advance. So, where to start? In all modesty, Rome is one of the cities I know best, so I can definitely be your right-hand mole here!


A good idea could be exploring Rome’s highlights with one of my tours of the city: you can choose between 2 different paths, Ancient and Classic Rome. The first one is a full immersion journey into the Imperial age, including an guided visit inside the Colosseum (skip the line tickets!) and an amazing overview of the Roman Forum and the Capitol Hill. If you wish to know more about different styles and ages of Rome,¬† the Classic tour is perfect! An overview on the Colosseum and the Forum and then a jump into the baroque in Navona Square, a nice walk to the Pantheon and its secrets and – last but not least – a real taste of roman life in Campo de’ Fiori square! Kids will have fun playing with their booklet, solving games and riddles together with you and the expert guide.

museums for kids


Once you’re done with city highlights, you can focus on the best museums for kids in town. Museums in Rome are A LOT, literally, so better choose in advance the most interesting for your kids!

MAXXI Museum

An amazing museum in an amazing building. Ideated by famous architect Zaha Hadid, the MAXXI is devoted to all the arts of XXI century and it is a space for experiments. Apart from its wonderful permanent collection, this place is always open to innovation, with several events and workshops: many of them are children-oriented, so the can better understand contemporary art and architecture. More info here.

museums for kids


They name speaks for itself! Explora is one of the best museums for kids in Rome, because it is devoted to kids! Every activity, from science to art, is kid-size. It seems to be in a fun amusement park, the aim is learning while having fun, like a Tapsy tour! If your kids like to experiment, this is the place to be! More info here.

museums for kids


It is considered one of the temples of the classic art in Rome and it is also one of the most fascinating palaces in town. But, most of all, Palazzo Barberini is one of the few places that makes learning art a fun experience for kids, thanks to its workshops and special guided visits, every first and third Saturday of the month. More info here.





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