Museums in Italy for kids are everything but boring places: many of them are must-see if you and your children want to share a great learning experience and know more about art, science, history and the Italian genius. Follow me!

museums in Italy for kids on Tapsy BlogMuseums in Italy means mostly one thing: a lot, lot, lot of culture. The Belpaese has millennium of history to show, it would take a lifetime to you and your children to visit all the stunning museums, parks and cultural attraction that surround Italy from the top to the bottom. Despite of this, there are some museums in Italy particularly devoted to children, not only for the main attractions they hide inside, but mostly for the incredible activities they reserve for children. 

Here it is the list of my favourites of the moment, the most Tapsylicious museums in Italy.

Take a family break and come with me!

Museums in Italy for kids, MUSE (Trento, Trentino Alto Adige)

This place is incredible for many reasons. First of all, it is a must-see for families who want to know more about the science and history of the area: inside, a whole world of nature, experiments, tropical greenhouse and a special place devoted to children from 0 to 5, because we can learn from the very first minute of our life. Last but not least (parent’s advice) the museum has been built by Renzo Piano, the most famous Italian architect in the world.

MUSE museum on Tapsy Blog

Museums in Italy for kids, EXPLORA (Rome, Lazio)

A real playground for children and an unexpected corner of Rome. It is a particular place because it doesn’t offer any guided tours inside, you just go and ‘explore’. Children can wander in a place thought for them, where they can touch practically everything and experience things. All aged children are admitted, with devoted programs for every age. Don’t miss it before or after one of my city tour! Which one do you prefer, Classic or Ancient Rome?

explora museum on Tapsy Blog

Museums in Italy for kids, the PEGGY GUGGENHEIM COLLECTION (Venice, Veneto)

Who said that contemporary art is not for children? Not me! If Venice could be a place for parents, the incredible collection of Peggy Guggenheim is definitely a kid-friendly experience. They can get the chance to be introduced to contemporary art here and understand more about shapes and colors of the most famous artists. The museums has a programme and tours for children, to inspire their curiosity and make them learn and have fun! 

Museums in Italy for kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids

Museums in Italy for kids, LEONARDO DA VINCI MUSEUM (Florence, Tuscany)

Ah, the lovely Florence, one of my favourite places to be. I have the perfect plan for you here, a Tapsy tour of Florence that includes the visit to the Leonardo da Vinci museum. Leonardo doesn’t need any introduction, I know, but children will love to discover more about this iconic Italian genius and his inventions. The best part of the museum is its interactivity: children can ‘play’ with machines and learn about the most important facts of Da Vinci’s life and work.

Come with me, little inventors!

Leonardo da Vinci's museum_Tapsy Tour of Florence with kids

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