Pompeii for families: my eBook to guide kids and parents to this stunning archeological area is now on Kindle! Buy it soon!


Are you dreaming to visit Pompeii with family during the quarantine? No problem , I am here to help! during these weeks I am publishing my guides and booklets in digital version as eBooks for Amazon, and now it is the turn of Pompeii! You will find it available in Italian, English, Spanish, French and GermanĀ .

Get ready to the adventure!


pompeii for family


I brought thousands of families to Pompeii in the past few years and every time it has been an amazing adventure. Every child is different, and so his/her family, so every time I learn something new while I teach them something about this stunning archeological area. That’s the best part of doing a tour out there: we all learn while we discover! I can’t wait to bring you all in person to Pompeii, in the meantime we can travel from home and explore all its secrets. In the eBook you will find tips and games related to the ancient Pompeii and its extraordinary history, made by beauty and tragedy. Kids will be amazed to discover how much this city have influenced the culture of that era. We will go deeper in its habits and peculiarity and we will discover many interesting facts that have made Pompeii one of a kind. Do your kids know what a thermopolium is? And do you know that street food has been invented here? So many curiosities and facts to learn!

pompeii for family


As you may know, Pompeii has been buried by the Vesuvius eruption, which didn’t really destroyed the city. Pretty much all its inhabitants died because of the ash and the city lain under it for centuries. That’s why a terrible event like the volcano’s explosion has become an extraordinary witness for the history, because the ash have preserved many buildings, streets, objects…and people! After buried them all, the ash became cold and ‘protected’ bodies and things over the centuries. Today we can see extraordinary things when we visit Pompeii, a unique example in the world: many houses and villas have still their original form and colors! Many paintings have been preserved and can show us how life was at that time. This makes Pompeii for family a stunning experience, because the past talk to us in a very understandable way, easy for both kids and adults.

pompeii for family

It is very important for kids to learn how the past made the present, and Pompeii is one of the best places to be to learn this lesson. Plus, being in Italy is always a good idea! Pompeii is just few kilometers away from Naples, so when you will come to Italy, don’t forget to book a Tapsy tour of Pompeii and the best pizza of your life in Naples. I will wait for you!



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