Today we go to Pompeii! Well, not in person, but I can teach you some very interesting facts about Pompeii for kids that will make you scream ‘I want to go as soon as possible!

It’s time to travel…virtually! I would really like to bring you to Italy but – since it’s not possible at the moment – today I want to tell 5 of the best facts about Pompeii for kids, hope they will get curious about the history if this stunning archeological area! If Pompeii is in your bucket list, don’t forget to book a Tapsy tour of the city with me! More at

Pompeii is just 30 minutes away from Naples central area, so you can easily combine a visit to the archeological area with an exploration of the city and all its highlights (yes, including the best pizza ever). Pompeii is a UNESCO world heritage site so it definitely worth a visit. It doesn’t happen everyday to be able to walk inside history and admire things exactly as there were thousand of years ago! I wish I could bring you with me there today, but in the meantime, enjoy some fun facts about Pompeii for kds kids and get ready to travel soon again!

facts about pompeii


Fact no.1: a dangerous Volcano

Despite it seems to be a quite volcano today, Mount Vesuvius is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, especially because of the strength of an eventual explosive eruption. Take a look of the most impressive volcanos here.

facts about pompeii

Fact no.2: Pompeians didn’t know about volcanos!

The 79AD eruption of Mount Vesuvius was the first time the volcano had erupted for 1,800 years! The people of Pompeii didn’t even know what a volcano was before, so you can imagine how big was the panic the day it erupted.

facts about pompeii

Pompeii for kids, fact no.3: a secret dead city

Pompeii was practically rediscovered in 1748,  during some works to build a palace for King Charles III. Just after the eruptions, romans tried to dig but the ash in the air was too much so they abandoned the area, so we had to wait until 1748 to bring Pompeii at the light again!

facts about pompeii

Pompeii for kids, fact no.4: a terrible and fast explosion

All the people within a certain radius were instantly killed by the heat of the explosion and their bodies have been  preserved for centuries by the falling ash. When in Pompeii, you can see their mold at the entrance of the area.

facts about pompeii

Fact no.5: a stunning city

Pompeii was a highly developed and flourishing city before the disaster. The city had a complex water system, an amphitheater, gymnasium, a port and stunning gardens and houses. You can see some of these building today as beautiful as they was, since the ash covered and protected every stone from the aging.

I can’t wait to bring you in person to Pompeii, there is nothing better than walk through the ruins to realize how history can teach us today!

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