If you are looking for a memorable tour of Pompeii with kids, there’s no better way to do it than with me! Let’s go discover it.

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Pompeii for kids is a marvelous experience: an ancient history, legends, stories, fun facts, curiosities, everything in this amazing place is made to get children involved and excited to discover it. In all modesty, I am the perfect guide for a Pompei tour with children!

I’ve been here so many times over the years and I know every secret of this place.

So what are you waiting for? Come with me and discover one of the most beautiful places in Italy.

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Our journey through time in Pompeii begins at the Amphiteatre: older than the Colosseum, it was the place where comedies, tragedies and fights happened. I can bring you into this marvelous site and help you to discover which was the favorite game Pompeians liked to watch!

During the volcanic eruption, the ash settled on the remains of the city and solidified with the rain, that’s why Pompeii attractions are very well preserved. Children can admire the beautiful graffiti on the walls, still in an excellent state. Want to know which one is the most beautiful of them all? Ask me to discover it!

Pompeii for kids is a great place to know more about romans’ eating habits. I can teach children more about it, in a funny and entertaining way, to learn about food evolution over the centuries.

Sometimes I am a bit forgetful… that’s why most of the time I ask for children’s help to remind facts and habits lost in time in Pompeii: colors, thermal baths, political and social issues. They are sooo much smarter than me sometimes!

Do you want to know what children used to do in Pompeii? What did they learn at school? Here I am to solve the mystery! They had to use a tablet covered in wax (not a digital one, like we use to do!) and a stylus everyday, so they literally engraved the tablet to write or do math. It was an hard job!

There is so much to learn in Pompeii for kids, but hey, I can’t tell you more or I will spoiler everything! Come and do a tour with me, it will make your day.

Visit Pompeii with kids: Tapsy Blog


I mean, I am a mole! Have you ever seen a mole in Pompeii? Of course not, I am the one and only, that’s why I am so special! As I am a bit sloppy sometimes, children have to help me using their smart little brains to help me remember, so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Touring with me is exciting for children and relaxing for parents. There’s no better way to learn than having a good time while you do it, that’s why I do my best to ensure a good mood during the day! Games, riddles, curiosities, history…and me!

Life can’t be boring when you constantly discover new things and train your brain in the meantime. Even better if it is in a TAPSYlicious way!



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