Discover here everything you need to know before visiting Pompeii with kids to experience an explosive and Tapsylicious family tour through history!Pompeii for kids: baby changing facilities son Tapsy Blog

Is it a good idea to visit Pompeii with  baby? YES. What do you need to know to get prepared? A LOT. But I am here exactly for this, to share with you my experience in visiting Pompeii with kids, collected during years running the Tapsy Tour of Pompeii. More precisely, you will read useful information to find baby changing facilities in Pompeii.


Pompeii, the archeological site witness of one of the most destructive explosions ever, is a place where time seems to have stopped and that amazes kids with its incredible history!

However, not everybody knows that Pompeii is also a place where kids are more than welcomed!

First of all there is me, the most curious and kid-friendly mole in Pompeii! I love walking all around Pompeii with children and guiding them through the marvels of this historical archeological site! Read more here!

 Tapsy Tours of Pompeii for families with kids

Second of all, the site is provided with “Baby Points”, cabins with baby changing stations and benches with pillows for breastfeeding.

The cherry on the top of this extremely kid-friendly place is the restaurant-cafe of the archeological site: a place provided not only with a baby changing station, but also with high chairs for kids.


Eating in Campania can be a transcendent experience, especially if you have a guide like me suggesting you the most divine restaurants to eat in Pompeii with kids! Mmmmm…Yummy!

OK, I must admit it: I am a glutton mole! And I love taking kids to places to eat where they are not just accepted, but well welcomed!

Go ahed reading to find the most child-friendly places to eat in Pompeii with kids.

Pompeii with kids: baby changing facilities on Tapsy BlogPIZZERIA RISTORANTE ALLERIA

Pizzeria is the Italian name for the pizza restaurants and that’s exactly what they are specialized in: AUTHENTIC ITALIAN PIZZA!

Even more important, they have a baby changing station in their restroom, a very useful and at the same time quite rare item to find in Pompeii.

Situated at about a couple of kilometers from the ruins, this pizza restaurant is a very convenient place to eat and enjoy a rest in Pompeii with kids!

Family tour of Pompeii with kids on Tapsy Blog


Surrounded with green and animals, this holiday farm is a great place to eat in Pompeii with kids. While waiting for their food to be ready, kids can run around the green spaces of the property and discover the animals that live there. Moreover, its restroom is provided with a baby changing station for all those families eating in this holiday farm of Pompeii with kids!

Located at a few kilometers from Pompeii archaeological site, this holiday farm is worth the effort to enjoy the typical rustic food of Campania in a green and Tapsylicious location!

Baby changing facilities in Pompeii on Tapsy Blog

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