A new scavenger hunt of Rome is in town! Made for kids, perfect for parents, ideal to explore the city on your own. Get lost with Tapsy!

Hello you! I can see you wondering in Rome with kids and looking for something fun to do, with no crowds and line to stand in. I have got an absolutely brilliant idea for you! What do you think about doing a scavenger hunt in Rome on your own? No guides, no specific paths to follow, only you, the kids and the people you love having fun together! Come with me?

scavenger hunt in rome


Looking for mysterious animals and great artists

Rome is such a beautiful jungle full of animals, have you ever noticed that? Pretty much every corner of the city centre is decorated by some strange and weird animals, made by stone or painted on a facade, into a church, over a square. They look at you with their big eyes and tell the story of the city over the centuries. With my newest Tapsy Adventure Kit I will show you all these animals and the big artists that have created them.

scavenger hunt in rome

Scavenger hunt in Roma, how it works

This is a true scavenger hunt in Rome with kids and it will be the most epic experience you will like with family and friends around the Eternal City! You will receive a true kit, made by 2 maps, one for kids and one for adult, with all you need to explore the city on your own. Step by step, I will guide you through the most iconic places of the baroque and renaissance. Kids are the leader of this adventure: they have to solve quiz and riddles looking around at every step and then jump into the next. On the parents’ map you will find all the historical an cultural references for each step.

scavenger hunt in rome

A tasty surprise during the journey

As this is a very special scavenger hunt in Rome, I thought of a special gift for you. A tasty stop during the tour to enjoy a roman specialty. Do you want to know what it is? Book now at booking@tapsy.eu.

Why a scavenger hunt in Rome?

Because it is fun, it is safe, it is a perfect escape to explore the city on your own, in liberty, with kids. Animals has always been a good way to explain kids the importance of art in the history. Having fun is another good way to learn, this is my philosophy. The more you play, the more you learn. It is an interactive experience which allow families to really enjoy the time spent together, playing with each other. No bored kids, no stressed parents, only fun and educational learning.

Want to know more and book it? Write at booking@tapsy.eu!




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