Spending your spring break in Europe with kids it is a fantastic idea to fully enjoy the best of the Old Continent. A wide range of places and activities to do and collect great family travel memories!

Despite all the bad and fake news coming from the Coronavirus outbreak, enjoy a spring break in Europe with kids is absolutely possible and safe. That’s why you can’t miss to bring kids into new fantastic adventures around the globe. So here it is what you need to plan your family trip: being well informed (read Tapsy’s recommendations here), talk with your tour operator or (if you are using one), keep calm and travel!


Enjoy summer before anyone else

If you come from the cold North, perhaps you are thinking about a spring break in Europe with kids and sun, sun and more sun. There is only one answer: the Mediterranean. Cool temperatures all year long, cheap prices, quite places, amazing food. Do I need to go on with it? I don’t think so. You have a wide range of choice. South of Spain, just to start: nothing can beat Barcelona and it’s sunny view on Gaudì’s unique architecture and the gothic side. Book a Tapsy tour to fully enjoy it with kids! Dreaming of Italy? How can I blame you. Puglia (Apulia for friends) can be a nice escape. if you want to avoid crowd of the big cities and discover the deep connection of this area with the Normans and Frederick II. I will be waiting for you in Alberobello to bring children  discovering how’s life inside a Trullo (info@tapsy.eu).

spring break in europe with kids

spring break in europe with kids

In search for mystery and druids

A nice spring break in Europe with kids looking for legends, that’s what we need! Stonehenge is a great spot for this kind of adventure, lost in the middle of nowhere in the English countryside. Guess what? You can book a Tapsy Tour here too! i have so much to teach kids about druids! After that, jump straight to London, find useful tips here.

spring break in europe with kids

Snow and outdoor activities on the Alps

Wether you are approaching alps from the French, the Swiss, the Austrian or the Italian side, one thing is sure. They are one of the most amazing bunch of mountains you will ever see in your life (and your children too!). A perfect place for Spring holidays in Europe with kids! You can still go skiing in april-may or challenge family in fun outdoor adventures, from trekking to natural park, from riding horses to enjoying loads of activities of the best family hotel out there (check here my list!)

spring break in europe with kids

Fun spring holidays in Europe with kids in amusement parks

Looking for fun? Go North! Europe has some of the best amusement parks in the world! From the Legoland park in Germany to the vintage Tivoli Garden in stunning Copenhagen (Tapsy tour available here!), kids will have the time of their life there! Another great one is Efteling in the Netherlands. Inspired by Brother’s Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen, Efteling is a unique amusement park to experience with your kids. TOP TIP: look for the tickets online, you can get good ticket deals with earlier access to attractions, free food and discounted souvenirs.

spring break in europe with kids



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