Where to go to enjoy your summer in Europe 2020? The answer is following the mole! Come with Tapsy!

Summer in Europe has always been a great classic, for both Europeans and people from other continents. The Mediterranean area is a fantastic mix of different tastes, and the North is ready to show its wonders after the cold cold winter. As this is a very particular summer,perhaps you are wondering which are the safest places to go. Here you can find 3 of them, tested and approved by me of course! Ready to pack your family bags?


Enjoy the sound of the ocean in Algarve

Portugal means summer in so many ways. The Country has fought the Covid-19 emergency like every other country and is slowly coming back to a normal life. As the population density is not so high in this Country, many people feel safe traveling here and enjoying nature and open-air spaces, avoiding the crowd. Algarve region is perfect for this purpose, with its white sand hidden beaches and cliffs, together with amazing mountains. Ideal for your summer in Europe 2020, as this area was almost totally spared by the virus.

Discovering Lazio starting from Rome

If you have never seen Rome, now it is your turn. As I was saying here, this must be the only summer you will ever have to see the eternal city in a way you have never seen it before. No crowds, no stress, no complaining kids. Less queue at the museums or at the restaurants. Isn’t it beautiful? Yes. So, start with a family tour on board the Open Bus with me! I will take care of children with my Tapsy Kit and give them an extraordinary overview of the city, while you parents just sit and relax. In all safety! Info at booking@tapsy.eu. Why don’t enjoy the sea either? Lazio region is full of hidden jewels ready to be discovered. From the Californian coast down to Circeo area to the mysterious secrets of Tuscia area (north of Rome) with its Etruscan archeological spots. Feeling mystical? Go straight to Valle dell’Aniene and enjoy its Monastery in Subiaco, together with the ancient Nero’s villa.

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Summer in Europe 2020: looking for bears in Finland

In love with the magic atmosphere of the North? Go relaxing in Wild Taiga reserve, an authentic natural experience with its untouched land and clear lakes! It has been awarded as perfect destination for sustainable tourism. Finland has had 15 times less Covid cases than other countries and it’s considered one of the safest places to go for summer in Europe 2020.  No quarantine is requested to entry the country. Much of the activities are outdoor here, from birds-bears watching, to canoeing, trekking, swimming in the lake. Absolutely recommended if you want to relax in the nature with kids.

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