Is it so difficult to practice sustainable tourism? No, not at all. Some little steps will help you to re-think the way you travel with kids. Start from here!

In the strangest of the summers, it’s time to re-think about the way we travel. Sustainable tourism seems to be the new way to explore the world, and i hope it is not just a temporary trend! Travel the world in a more conscious way is the only way we have to ensure the beauty of planet for a very long time. The only way to teach it to the next generations is practicing sustainable tourism with kids every time we can.

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Yes, I know, it can be soooooo uncomfortable to use public transports or trains when you have kids and all their stuff to brind with you. That’s why you should plan your trips in advance. Sustainable tourism with kids means planning, carefully, all the time. It can’t be a last minute project. Trains are such a nice way to travel! No stress, just sitting and enjoying the landscape: they are so comfy! How to plan a good journey? Find a base, very well connected, like a city: from there, you can make daily trips in the countryside or by the sea and then coming back in the evening.  Or, if you love nature, nothing better than doing sustainable tourism with kids and discover new, non-touristic spots all over the world.

sustainable tourism


Walking is the best way to really enjoy a place and all its wonders. Sustainable tourism starts when you learn to take it slow, and teach kids to do the same. So walk, look around, enjoy the world with no rush! Speaking of this, try my walking tours to do on your own! The newest one is in Rome and brings you and your kids to catch the most mysterious and fascinating animals in town! More info at


Don’t waste time, don’t waste things, don’t buy stuff you don’t need, eat local…those are just some of many advices about making sustainable tourism right. Do you really need that plastic souvenir? A local product would be nicer! Why looking for fast foods when you can discover all the tastes of local cuisine? Do you need a new plastic bottle every day when you can use just one water bottle, reusable? Think about it. Sustainable tourism is made by many, little steps that you and your kids can practice during the journey, and always in your daily routine. They are just good habits: once you learn them, you never forget them!

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