The ALBEROBELLO LIGHT FESTIVAL is one of the most suggestive events in Puglia and a must-see for every family visiting Italy with kids!

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The Trulli Houses are fascinating and mysterious white cone-shaped constructions typical of the Puglia area. Alberobello’s trulli houses are especially famous for their shapes, purposes and mysterious meanings. I love taking families with kids around Alberobello to tell them the most interesting curiosities about this incredible houses.

To me, the very best moment to visit Alberobello with kids is when the Trulli houses of Alberobello become the background of the shiny ALBEROBELLO LIGHT FESTIVAL.

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Art, lights and history will fuse together to create one of most impressive shows in the South of Italy: the ALBEROBELLO LIGHT FESTIVAL. Nominated UNESCO World Event in 2005, the Alberobello light festival, through artistic installations and video mapping techniques, enlightens the trulli houses and the Church of Saint Anthony of Padua with creativity, technology and design.

the trulli houses of Alberobello with Tapsy Tours for families with kidsTHE ALBEROBELLO LIGHT FESTIVAL: DATES AND PRICES

The Alberobello light festival takes place twice a year, in the summer and winter time. The “Summer light”, the Alberobello light festival that takes place between July and August, in 2018 surprised visitors with breathtaking Gustav Klimt pantings’ artistic installations. As a tribute to the painter, the trulli houses became the canvas for Klimt’s “the kiss” and other masterpieces. In the winter time, usually throughout the beginning of December and January, the so called “Christmas light” illuminates the white trulli houses with Christmas motifs: snow crystals, moon patches, stars and many others. Visitors also have the chance to animate the surfaces of Alberobello with their own creativity and imagination through a new and sensational hands-on project.

Stay tuned to discover the next dates of the Alberobello light festival!

Incredible but true, one of the most thrilling and shiny events in Italy is completely free! What are you waiting for? Come and visit Alberobello with me in the summer or winter time and discover with your kids one of the best places and events in the South of Italy!


The best way to get to the Alberobello light festival is either by car or train. If you get to Alberobello by car, you can easily leave your car in a parking area just outside the town and keep on by walking. If you are not planning to hire a car on your trip through Italy, keep in mind that there are several trains departing from Lecce or Bari, the main cities of Puglia. If you are a bike lover, it will be interesting for you to know that there are many places in Alberobello to rent a bike.

The Christmas light and summer light festival in Alberobello

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