There’s no better place than Stonehenge for kids: lost in the English countryside, this archeological site is the place where children can work with imagination.Stonehenge for kids on Tapsy Blog

If you are looking for an enigmatic and mysterious place to explore with your family, Stonehenge for kids is one of the best options to consider. And who’s the best travel mate for this adventure? Me!

As you may know, no other mole travels as much as I do, so I can tell you everything you need to know about this mysterious place.


Get lost into the green of England, then surprise yourself getting into this magical area.

Stonehenge it’s a very special place, with a great atmosphere.

Passing through the New Forest, maybe you will be lucky enough to see a bustard, the heaviest bird of Europe!

And here we are in Stonehenge! No one knows exactly when Stonehenge was born, so this place is surrounded by legends. Kids will love them! One of them regards Merlin, King Arthur’s wizard.

According to the legend, he brought the huge stones from Ireland, making them fly over the sea!

Exploring the site, kids will discover so many things about how Stonehenge was built.

Stonehenge for kids on Tapsy Blog

On the 21st of June and the 21st of December, the longest and the shortest days of the year, the sun crosses a precise point between two of the huge and famous stones.

Walking with me in Stonehenge, you will know more and more curiosities about it!

Who knows the name of the people who actually built Stonehenge? Druids, right!

Think about it… millenniums ago, men only had nature and their strength to build such a huge place. They used trunks to bring stones from one place to another and create this mysterious place. Here they used to celebrate the beginning of the seasons and make sacred rites.

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I always wonder what children can see looking at Stonehenge: some of them imagine about wizards and witches, others told me that maybe this is the place where stars come and rest… sometimes children’s mind is even better than legends!

Stonehenge for kids means having a great learning time: here legends and reality meet.

History, architecture, astronomy, astrology, we still have so many things to learn even from the deep past!

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Here they are some useful information to reach Stonehenge site:


Jump on a train to Salisbury, Warminster, Grately or Andover train station and then take the Stonehenge Tour bus. Family Cards are available for the rail line.


Buses are available from Salisbury and Devizes.


If you are a family of bike riders, you can reach Stonehenge with the cycle route from Salisbury to Stonehenge.

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