When you think of the Eternal City, several world-wide famous monuments, like the Colosseum or the Pantheon, will come to your mind. However, there are also many parks in Rome that are really worth a visit, especially if you are in Rome with kids!

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I have many dens around Europe, but I must admit Rome is one of my favorite ones! Rome is in fact a great place for all those (whatever you are a mole or not!) who love sightseeing with kids! That’s why I have ideated so much as two different kinds of tours to visit Rome with kids.


The first good new is that Rome is full of TAPSYlicious public parks, the second one is that they are FREE! Isn’t it a good reason to keep reading and discover more?


What I like the most about this park is…NO, sorry, I love EVERYTHING about this park. From Esculapio’s temple overlooking the lake, to the breathtaking view of Rome from Pincio’s terrace, everything in this park will bring you to a parallel reality.

And even though sightseeing in Rome can be really fun, a rest is always a rest! And where is it better if not in a magical green world? Anyway, if you are still in a sightseeing mood, you will be happy to know that Villa Borghese hosts a very interesting art gallery, called Galleria Borghese. Just be prepared to book it long in advance!

Villa Borghese park in Rome_Tapsy Blog

Address: Piazzale Napoleone I, 00197, Rome


With its 184 hectares, Villa Pamphili is the biggest park in Rome and one of the green places locals prefer to enjoy a rest in the weekend. In fact, it is not unusual to find families and groups of friends having a picnic, enjoying a stroll under the spring sun or practicing any kind on sports.

As the park is very big, I suggest you to check in advance what areas you wish you could see, to decide what entrance would better suit you.

Villa Pamphili park in Rome_Tapsy Blog

Address: Via Aurelia Antica, Rome


Although it is not very big (compared to the other parks in Rome!), this villa hosts one of the cutest  architectures ever: the “Casina delle Civette” – the Little Owl House -. It’s actually a museum, but locals love to enjoy a walk around this fairy tale like building.

In a city that is rightly considered an open-air museum, don’t be surprised if in your casual walk within Villa Torlonia you face an obelisk or other works of art…that’s Rome!

Villa Torlonia park in Rome_Tapsy Blog

Address: Via Nomentana, 70, 00161, Roma


Located on an hill, the Gianicolo park is really worth a visit just for the amazing view of Rome you can have from this amazing high point of view. Furthermore, if you are here at midday on a Saturday or Sunday, it will turn into a wonderful experience for kids.

In fact, besides the daily noon gun flash (don’t worry, it’s only blanks!), in the weekends the park also hosts a puppet theatre. You can find more info on the Official Touristic website of Rome.

Address: Piazzale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Roma

Tapsy Tour of Rome with kids

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To get oriented among the parks and other kid-friendly activities in town, don’t forget to bring with you the Talking mApp of Rome. Combined with the Talking mApp of Rome app through a QR Code, it will give you the chance to enjoy an interactive and kid-friendly adventure in Rome.

Fancy games and riddles? Try the Interactive Travel Guide of Rome and get prepared to have fun discovering the history of Rome!


Interactive Travel Guide of Rome for families with kids

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