The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is famous all over the world for being a major event for jazz estimators. However, not many people know that it is also an extremely kid-friendly festival. Keep reading to discover how!

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The Copenhagen Jazz Festival is the reference point for all the world jazz musicians and an engaging event for kids as well! In fact, besides being fun just because bouncy music is played all the time, the festival entertains kids will tailored activities. How do I know that? That’s because I am used to keeping kids engaged during my family tour of Copenhagen and surprising them with super fun activities to discover the capital of Denmark!


The Copenhagen Jazz Festival, is just one of the two Jazz festivals (Vinterjazz and Copenhagen Jazz Festival), organized by the Jazz Festival Fonden to widespread the Danish jazz music. The Vinterjazz is held every year in February and, during three weeks, it entertains its participants with about 600 concerts. Differently, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is a summer festival, that starts the first Friday of July, lasts ten days and hosts more than 250,000 jazz music estimators, kids included! In fact, within the festival, there are thematic activities called Jazz for Kids, held in Frederiksberg area and entirely dedicated to the little ones. Besides concerts for kids, Jazz for Kids organizes visual art, narrative and dance activities.

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In 2019 The Copenhagen Jazz Festival will be held between July 5th and 14th. During these ten days, several concerts are organized in many different areas of the capital. You can check them out on the Copenhagen Jazz Festival website. As the activities are held in several hours during the day, you can take the chance to visit the city of Copenhagen in the morning. And what’s better than joining a tour of Copenhagen especially tailored to families with kids?

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Unlike most festivals, the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is an itinerant event, where activities are run in many different areas of the city. The Inner City, Nørrebro, Versterbro, Amagerbro, Østerbro, Frederiksberg. These are just some of the areas that host concerts during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Get prepared and enjoy them all!

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The tickets to join the Copenhagen Jazz Festival are sold in combination with a bus, train and metro pass to travel through the different venues of the festival. You can either buy a day ticket or an evening ticket, depending on your activity and timing preferences. The day ticket lasts 12 hours and it is valid from 10am to 10am, while the evening ticket, valid 12 hours as well, allows you to join the activities from 4pm to 4am. The prices of the tickets depend on the number of zones the tickets cover. If you need to travel from zone 1 to 4 (which also includes Copenhagen airport), the ticket will cost you 30 DKK. There is also a ticket for all zones, which costs 60 DKK, that covers the whole capital region. For all those families who want to enjoy the festival with kids, there are good news. In fact, the tickets allow you to travel with two complimentary children younger than 12 years old. You can purchase the tickets online and receive them by SMS directly on your phone.


Copenhagen Jazz Festival_Tapsy Blog

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