Some Italian snacks are better than others, especially if your kids want to have a tasty and healthy merenda. Discover them all with Tapsy!

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Some things in Italy are religion and one of these is food. From grandmas to nephews, food has always been the main clock of the Italian day. And what is the best moment of the day for kids to eat some good food? Snack time! In Italy it is best known as merenda and it is something that every Italian remembers very well form his childhood. It happens normally between 4 and 5.30 pm and, most of the time, is based on a sweat treat.

So, if you are traveling in Italy with your kids, here they are the best merende you should ask for to live the real Italian tradition.


Italians have it for breakfast and for merenda too! Nutella is a must have in every Italian house, even if it could be considered a recent habit, let’s say from the 80’s. Italian grandpa and grandma used to have bread with pieces of chocolate, then Nutella came into the life of millions of Italians and changed everything. The alternative is to have fresh bread with marmalade: strawberries, apricots, oranges, blueberries, choose your favorite!

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A great tradition from south of Italy. Bread with fresh extra virgin olive oil is the definitive merenda of every little southern Italian! Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily are famous for oil production, it is one of the best in the world. So the typical grandma’s snack here couldn’t be anything different from this! If you ever go to Naples or Puglia, for example, no one will deny you a slice of bread with olive oil. A good idea could be doing a Tapsy Tour of Pompeii or Alberobello and then have a great Italian snack with this delicious and very healthy food!

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Italy means pizza, yes, and gelato! You will find super delicious ice-creams practically everywhere you go, from north to south. A very sweet and nourishing Italian snack, perfect for summer, absolutely to have all year long!

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Not everyone likes have something sweet for merenda, so if your kids prefer savory tastes, go for supplì! Where? Well, Rome is definitely the place to be for an Italian snack like this. Romans eat supplì at every time of the day, except breakfast (which is cappuccino and cornetto, don’t forget!). You will find supply everywhere in the Eternal City. It is plenty of street food places where you can taste this delicious food and merenda is the perfect moment to have one! Rice, tomato sauce, meat, all breaded and fried. Have a Tapsy Tour of Rome me and then I will bring you to the best supply in town!

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Speaking of bread, again, another typical health alternative is to have it with tomatoes! You can call it bruschetta if the bread is toasted, otherwise it will be simple bread with fresh tomatoes you can buy in every local market. Make it yourself, it will be even more tasty and your kids will appreciate it a lot!


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