If you have never brought your children to the most iconic of druids area, take them to Stonehenge summer solstice, a special moment of the year, perfect to introduce them to history and magic. Follow me!Stonehenge summer solstice with kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids

 That time of the year is coming! The famous Stonehenge summer solstice is ready to show people all the magic of this archeological area. You don’t need to believe in ancient Gods to understand that this is really a special moment of the year, if you spend it in Stonehenge. And why don’t get kids involved in this special day? I can give them a lot of useful tips to be prepared to this day, drop me a line to get your Stonehenge booklet!


Enormous sarsen stone slabs and small bluestones, that’s how Stonehenge looks like. The site is dated around 2800 BC, it is practically older than Pyramids!

The building is a mystery, they still don’t know how the Neolithic people could bring such heavy stones into the area for miles.

Stonehenge summer solstice with kids_Tapsy Blog

Apparently, Stonehenge was used as a ceremonial place, especially during the changing season, that’s why the Stonehenge summer solstice has become so famous over the years. Today it is a World Heritage Site and one of the most fascinating places of the UK.

Read more about The Mystery of Stonehenge.


The admission to Stonehenge summer solstice is free. Don’t be afraid to move with public transportation, even with children, it works perfectly and it is highly recommended as the attendance is always high. If you are heading by car, there is a charge for parking.

Stonehenge summer solstice with children_Tapsy Blog

The area opens normally around 7 pm, and it already a good moment to watch the sunset (normally around 9 pm). The challenge – expecially for children! – happens the morning after: the sunrise is normally around 5 am! The field closes at 8 am and the parking at 12 pm. Less sleep, true, but it is definitely and experience that worth living once in a lifetime! Druids with traditional costumes welcome the sunrise with the public and many other strange characters walk the area, it seems to be in a fairytale. 

Stonehenge summer solstice with kids_Tapsy Blog


There is no better occasion than the Stonehenge summer solstice to do a Festival, and England is the best place to be for music, even kids know that! The Stonehenge Solstice Festival is located not far away from the archeological area and it is the perfect match if you are willing to camping, listen to goo music and make new friends with your family.

Stonehenge summer solstice with kids_Tapsy Blog

Everybody should have an hippie day, and the summer solstice is the the perfect day to do that!

If you’d love to come to Stonehenge but you can’t do on the Solstice day, come all over the year! I am always around and available for a Tapsy Tour of the area! Kids will love that and will learn everything about druids life and local history!


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