The traditional French desserts are much more than a sweet break, they are a true paradise for both kids and adults’ mouths! Come and discover the best ones with me!

The Tapsy Tour of Paris with kids

There is just one thing more famous than the Tour Eiffel in Paris. That’s the patisserie. And I must admit that, during my long experience of family tours of Paris with kids, I have tried it in all its shades many, many times! Keep reading to discover the most terrific ones and the best places to taste them.


The French patisserie is full of super tasty desserts, but only some them are really TAPSYlicious. Come and discover them with me!


Made with a dough that resembles the croissant’s one, it hides a super tasty addition: countless chocolate drops. And when the pain au chocolate is warm, they melt inside the dough creating a paradisiac mix within your mouth…Where to eat it? Everywhere! But Blé Sucré patisserie is a good start to taste one of the best in town!

traditional French desserts_le pain au chocolat in Paris_Tapsy Blog


Filled and topped with any kind of flavor you may like, this long cream puff is simply the heaven for taste buds. If you are in the trendy Le Maris district, try one of the innumerous flavors produced by l’Éclair de Génie patisserie.

traditional French desserts for kids_éclair_Tapsy Blog


Sweet or salty, the French crepes are one of the most magic results you can get by mixing eggs, flour, milk and butter. Crepes can be personalized to adapt to any kind of tastes, from French cheese to walnuts and honey. My favourite one? Hazelnut chocolate cream, with a huge ball of vanilla ice-cream on the top…Try it in one of the many cozy crêperie shops of the Framboise distributed in town.

French cousine_crepes_Tapsy Blog


If there is something that can best identify the French patisserie, that’s the macaron. A super tasty cream, enclosed between two small circle layers of soft biscuits, that can turn any day into the best day ever. Ladurée, with more than 12 boutiques in Paris and its surroundings, is one of the best places to enjoy a break tasting all its flavours.

best macarons in Paris_Tapsy Blog


Although it is not clear if the crème brûlée was first created in France or in UK, what it’s sure is that in Paris you can find some of the most delicious examples of this creamy, and crunchy at the same time, sweet work of art. Featured in the Michelin Guide, La Fontaine de Mars is one of the best places in Paris to taste a crème brûlée.

best creme brulee in Paris_Tapsy Blog


Inspired by the mountain Mont Blanc, this dessert made up of chestnuts, meringue and creams is a true wonder for sweet lovers. And when you talk about mont blanc in Paris, you can’t but  mention Angelina, considered one of the best mont blanc producers in town.

best Mont Banc in Paris_Tapsy Blog

Join a Tapsy Tours of Paris, I will be happy to show you the most secret places to taste these paradisiac desserts and to experience the city of Paris with kids while having fun!


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