Whether you are planning to travel with kids for many days or just for a weekend, these TAPSYlicious tips will make your day and life!

As you start preparing a family travel with kids, the first thing you will notice is that it surely needs more organization than the last minute trips you used to do when you where in your 20s. The second one is that travelling with kids can turn into the most rewarding, enriching and fun experience ever! You just need the right tips, and whose if not the ones of a kid-friendly travelling mole?

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Over years travelling with kids, there are few important things I have learnt. It is now time to share them with you, hoping that my tips will make your travel experience at least as good as it’s always for me.


One of the main reasons to travel with kids is creating family memories, that’s why you absolutely have to catch them with a camera. You may think that’s quite obvious, that’s because I haven’t told you yet who is going to take the photos: your kids! There’s no better way to get kids involved in a place, than to ask them to photograph it, especially if they have the chance to use an instant camera and see the photo immediately. That’s why during my family tours, kids absolutely love the instant photo moment.

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Don’t forget to bring with you another camera then, possibly an instant camera, kids will get much more involved in the travel experience!


Although it might seem quicker to just put in you luggage as many kids’ clothes as they can fit, INCREDIBLY, that’s not the best option! The most recommended way to prepare the luggages to travel with kids is in fact planning in advance all the outfits kids are going to wear (plus one of two extra, just in case!) and to pack each day separately. Yes, you heard well, PACK SEPARATELY, and possibly with a label specifying the exact day kids are going to wear it. I know you may think it’s a freak mum suggestion, but trust me, it will make you save a lot of time while you are travelling.

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Travelling with kids is amazing, but there some moments that could be not amazing at all if you don’t have a Plan B. I am talking about those waiting moments in which you wish there were incredible polar lights to distract your kids. What to do then? The best way to survive to those moments is to PLAN (not invent, because creativity never comes out when you need it) activities related to the city you are visiting. It will be a good way also to get them involved in the art and history of the city.

Creativity doesn’t match too much your personality? You spent so much time planning the travel that you don’t have time to ideate also the entertainment? Get you kids Interactive Travel Guides and Maps of the city you are going to visit and just remind yourself to bring them with you!


Talking Map of Rome for families with kids

Interactive Travel Guide of Rome for families with kids

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