Travel Italy by train is one of the best things you can do to fully enjoy the change of the landscapes from region to region and really understand how beautiful  this country is. Starting from the main cities, it is pretty easy to explore the region and move from one place to another.

Italy has a huge network of railways. High speed trains cover the main tracks from north to south and regional trains are perfect to get close to small villages, by the sea or in the mountains. Enjoy a slow holiday, follow me!


travel italy

Make your own itinerary

Travel Italy by train could be the journey of your life. Don’t get stressed driving around, jump with your kids on a train and start to explore! It all depends of how many days you have. It might take some times to go from one place to another, so better to study. If you have few days, stay in the same region. It will be a great occasion to discover all the hidden gems away from the big art cities: believe me, it will worth the journey. You can plan to use an Interail ticket, or you can check to official websites of the 2 train providers in Italy, Trenitalia and Italo. In both cases, if you book in advance, you always find good offers. Want to travel italy by train from the top to the bottom? You need time. A train journey from Rome to Sicily could take until 12 hours! But, since there is no bridge from Calabria to Sicily island, you will live the exciting experience of your train being disassembled, put on a ferry and the assembled again in Sicily. Kids will love that!

travel italy

Travel Italy by train from big cities to the small villages

Italy has many faces. Start from the art cities and then move to small villages, it will help you and your kids to understand more about the real life in the Country. For example, you can start from Rome, which is beautiful in summer: enjoy a splendid family tour from the open bus with Tapsy! More info here. Then move to the stunning Tuscia (Viterbo area), on the footsteps of Etruscans, or to the Valle dell’Aniene, with it mystic Subiaco city and its monastery built into the rock. Going south? The amazing beaches of Anzio, Sperlonga, Gaeta are reachable by train and, from there, you can go exploring the islands, like the stunning Ponza. Sicily by train? Perfect idea to move through the coast, from east to ovest. Same story for all the south of Italy, the coastal areas are pretty well connected, so if you want to to a tour of the beaches, jump on a train and go!

travel italy

Up to the mountains with kids

If you are mountain people, the Alps are very well connected from the main cities of the north. From Turin to Bardonecchia, from Milan to Trentino Alto Adige, you will always find a train bringing you up to the mountains around. Summer over there is spectacular, with many activities for kids and amazing walks in the nature. A perfect escape to recover from the past difficult months, don’t you think?

travel italy


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