All family stories matter, but some of them can be a real inspiration for everyone willing to explore the world with kids. Find here the more tapsylicious of them all!

If you have family travel stories to tell, you are a lucky person. Parents can enjoy the pleasure to build great memories for their children and make them better people, as traveling can teach things they don’t teach at school. Family travel stories are something that stays in your mind for a very long time, starting from planning the trip, live it and tell about it once you get back to your everyday life. They can change the way you and your kids look at the world, and to each other.

So, here it is a selection of 3 inspiring family travel stories, to help you make your own family travel a memorable journey!

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Michelle Duffy is a very special woman, and not just because she is a very well known travel blogger. She is a mother who decided that being mother doesn’t change your attitude for travels and new adventure. In fact, in 2010 she did that thing every traveller wants to do! She brought her family to an exciting journey around the world for 365 days. This is one of that family travel stories that need to be told: 26 countries with her 12 and 14 years old children and husband, with a great experience for her kids. ‘The main thing is for kids to be able to carry their own bags, be aware of the difference in cultures, and still enjoy simple entertainment like playgrounds’, says Michelle in an interview on Ciao Bambino (read it here). It took 18 months to plan the journey and, once the adventure began, they lived with a budget of 150 dollars a day, with kids practically home-schooled. Hard to do? Maybe. Exciting? For sure! Michelle show us the only limit is the one you set yourself (and your kids). Chapeau!

Here the blog ->

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Travel as single parent is something that many people are experimenting in the last years and yes, it can be stressful sometimes, but who said it can’t be an exciting adventure to better knwo yourself and your kids? Ask Tina-Louise, single mum of two, and her blog, which claim “If we can travel, so can you!” She has been over 20 countries with her children and she likes to share tips and tricks to survive as a single with kids. She gives a lot of practical advices, like planning in advance, travel assurances, things to never forget while traveling. Why she does it? “As I document my travels when my son is older he can look back and remember all the fun we had, it’s sort of my gift to him for his companionship through our life journey, and also for others to see that you can explore and travel the world“. Need i say any else?

More about it here ->


Many of yours could think traveling with the whole family could be a terrible experience for your wallet, but it doesn’t have to be necessarily like this, and the 5 Lost together family can teach you more about this. I had the pleasure to have them as guests during one of my tours and it was super fun! Their philosophy: travel in developing countries, backpack and establish a 150 dollars budget a day. They say it’s an exciting experience, because having a budget help them to get a better sense of a country and its people. They camp, take public transportation, travel off peak, choose active activities over attractions. Good ideas, right?

More about them here ->

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