Where to celebrate birthday of your children in a very very special way? Follow the mole!

How many times did you travel to celebrate a family birthday? Travel doesn’t need excuses, but make party is always a good one! If you are planning to travel and you are looking for where to celebrate birthday of your kids with a nice activity, Rome is the place for you! Guess who will welcome you to the party? Me, of course!

where to celebrate birthday


A quiet city

I would never thought I’d say that, but Rome is incredibly quiet these days. We are talking about a city that hosts every day millions of people (resident and tourists) and is now living a very smooth period, because of the less tourists around. It is perfect to visit right now! Imagine no crowds at the Colosseum or at the Vatican museums, it is really the perfect moment to slowly enjoy it.

Where to celebrate birthday of your kids: a new tour!

And what if I tell you that doing a family tour is the new celebrating a birthday? If you want to give your kids a very special day and looking for where to celebrate birthday in Rome, you can do it with me! I will wait for you on board Roma Open Bus for a special family tour with ice cream included! Kids will get my Tapsy kit, with a map and some fun gadgets to explore the city from a high point of view. Just sit and relax, I will bring them step by step to the most beautiful highlight on board the bus: they will play every step using the map, solving games and riddles. The best part of the tour? The gelato! A fresh, good present to celebrate the birthday with you. I will you bring you to one of the most delicious ice-cream maker of Rome, Verde Pistacchio. Gelato in Rome is a must-taste, together with the amazing salad street food, like the supplì. You can’t miss it!

where to celebrate birthday

If you want more information about this kind of tour and want to book it, write me at booking@tapsy.eu.

The tour is made in total safety for all the passengers, you must bring and wear your mask and you will find sanitizing gel and gloves on board. Distancing between people is always respected. Just sit, relax, enjoy the journey and celebrate the birthday!




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