Marseille is the perfect walkable city and its mediterranean cuisine is delicious for parents and kids! Follow my guide to discover the best places to eat during your tourTapsy Tour of Marseille with Tapsy Tours

Autumn makes me hungry and I was thinking about my last trip in Marseille, just a couple of weeks ago, when I brought a team of brave children through a Pirate’s adventure (book it here). Where to bring you intrepid children after a walk through the old city, looking for treasures and sailors?

Marseille has a great mediterranean cooking tradition, and not only! As a seaport city, it has been influenced by a mix of many flavours, traditions and different foods from other countries.

Where to eat in Marseille with kids? The first question, actually, is what!

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Here it is my personal mole-selection of the best dishes to enjoy in Marseille with kids, because a great travel experience is often made by food!

First of all, there are 3 local recipes that you can’t miss and your children will love.

The Bouillabaisse, the Paninesses fris and the Navette. Let’s go and eat them all!


Sooo marseillaise! Nothing screams more Provence and Marseille than the bouillabaisse, a fish based soup made by at least four different local fishes. The Marseille version is served in a very special way: 2 different dishes, the first one contains the soup served with bread and rouille (a very spicy Provence’s sauce), the second one contains the same fishes cooked in pan.

It is simply delicious and it’s something that children always like, maybe served with some fries!

Where to it a very good one? Try at Grand bar des Goudes, a very special place with a great view on the Vieux Port. Best place to be at the end of my tour!

Grand Bar des Goudes

29, Avenue Desire Pellaprat les Goudes, 13008 Marseille


It’s fried, so it’s kids friendly! Another great local recipe related to the mediterranean tradition consist in some little cubes, very similar to the Italian polenta, made by chickpeas flour and water, mixed and fried in olive oil, served hot. It is tapsy-li-cio-us ! Everybody loves it and children most of all! When in Marseille with kids, don’t miss to try it at La boite à Panisse where parents can also find a very good selection of beers.

La Boite à Panisse

23, Rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille

Marseille with kids with Tapsy Tours for families with kidsEAT IN MARSEILLE WITH KIDS: NAVETTES

It’s dessert time! I am sure your children are as much sweet tooth as I am, I never miss to try some treat during my tours! Navettes are specials for a reason: they are always, entirely hand made. Served for special occasions and holidays, the navettes are made by eggs, sugar, flour, butter and orange blossom’s essence. Perfect after lunch, delicious as a break in the afternoon, amazing for breakfast! Try the best at Les Navettes des Accoules and let me know!

Les Navettes des Accoules

68, rue Caisserie, 13002 Marseille


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