Who am I?

I am Tapsy, a cute (you can’t deny it!), curious and friendly mole. My passion number one is travelling. My passion number two is having fun with children. That’s why I have started organising tours for families with kids. I want to help both children and adults discover new cities in the best way: by learning and having fun at the same time.

Travelling has always been part of my DNA. In Tapsylandia, everybody knows how much I love jumping on my hot-air balloon to go and discover new places, new people, new cultures. Hence my personal motto: “travelling is fantapstyc”!

Over the years, I’ve been travelling around Europe and I have settled down for a while in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Long enough to understand what’s the best way for small and grownup children to discover them!

tapsy tours

What is my blog about?

In one word: Family travel. OK, that makes two words, but to me they automatically come together, as travelling is all about sharing with the people you love. Sharing discoveries, sharing surprises and sharing what you know. That’s exactly what I am willing to do with this blog.

What will you read about?

FAMILY ITINERARIES: a selection of routings to explore many different cities with kids in a cultural and fun way;

TRAVEL TIPS: my suggestions, ideas and practical information for families travelling with children;

WORLD CURIOSITIES: fun and unknown facts about well-known places and destinations!

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog, find it interesting, inspiring and useful! If you need anything, drop me a message!

Your Tapsy