Hi everyone! How are you doing today? Me, working hard to improve my offer and get ready to travel with you soon again! Today, I will bring you with me into slow travel, ready to go?


Did you ever practiced slow travel with your kids before? Some families think that is not so convenient to plan a slow travel with kids, they think about how difficult could be move 4 or 5 people using bicycles, feet, public transportation, trains etc… so they just put everything into the car and go. Slow travel with kids means enjoying every little moment moving slowly, like walking through a city and exploring it with my Tapsy tour. No rush, just fun.


Is slow travel really so complicated for families?

Of course it isn’t. What do you do when you plan a trip? You get organized, because you don’t want to lose much time and you know that nothing can be left to chance when kids are involved. For slow travel, things are exactly the same. It is all about get organized, the only difference is the journey itself.

slow travel

Slow travel is a state of mind

Take it slow. Wouldn’t it be great? We spend so much time running from one place to another in our everyday life, sometimes we don’t even have time to simply stop and rest for a while, enjoying what we have. This quarantine period seems to be the perfect occasion to take a break, and realize what really matters.

slow travel

And why to do it with kids?

Because they are always connected, too much sometimes: trying to keep a kid away from smartphones, tablet and pc is becoming an hard task for parents. In this period they need them for studying and certainly they represent a good way to learn more in an easy way (with my ebooks, for example!). But slowing things down when you travel could be what you and your kids need.

Because slow travel is what you used to do when you were kids: do you remember that infinite travels you used to do with parents, maybe camping or anyway spending a lot of time in the same place? Consider it slow travel. How many thing did you learn during that holidays that is still useful in your life today?

Because they need to get bored to learn something new: as kids are a box full of atomic energy, we often think that they need to stay busy al the time, ignoring that being bored is something that could really help they creativity. If you don’t plan anything for them, they will do theirselves. Just like you did in the past.

The freedom to stay in one place: you get more relaxed, and kids feel more free as they have time to take confidence with a specific place. It could be in the nature, in a city or in a small village, once you get knowing a place you will observe it in every details, and remember it for a lifetime.

slow travel

Because you too need to be bored: the more we grow up, the more we keep ourselves busy and didn’t really enjoy being bored. It seems like a big hole is trying to eat us. Wrong! Spending spare time with ourselves, don’t rush, taking our time help us to build a better relationship between mind and soul, and with the rest of the  family!


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