Looking for new families adventures? I’ve selected for you the best European destinations for families in 2019 and I am looking forward to bring you there, let’s get some Tapsy time over there!Best European destinations in Europe for families with Tapsy Tours for families with kids

2019 is finally here and so it is my favorite moment of the year! I love January, I can sit in front of the fire, with an hot chocolate and make plans and wishes for the year. This time, I’ve decided to think BIG. Very big. Huge. Tapsylicious! I made my researches and found the best European destinations for families, I’ve spent some time over there and guess what? They are perfect places for families, away from the great European capitals, lost in the nature, kid-friendly, relaxing and fun at the same time.
So if your plan for 2019 is to spend a great family time, follow me and take a look at this places, I’ll be there waiting for you with my tours!


North Europe rules, my little friends! You may know that some of the best kid-friendly destinations are based in the north, I’ve already brought you to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki. Since I was there, I wandered in the area and discovered the nordic beauty from Scandinavia to France. The king here is not exactly a European destination, but hey, have you ever seen St Petersburg? It is simply fanTAPSYc! This city is impressive, so kids will need someone like me to get oriented between the fabulous museums and palaces of the second largest city of Russia. UNESCO world heritage, St Petersburg is a city of arts, with its stunning Hermitage museum and the great ballet tradition. Ready to eat some Blini (Russian pancakes) with me? Not far away, here it is Tallinn!

Tallin in Estonia with Tapsy Tours for families with kids

This city is full of kid-friendly activities, so medieval, so nice to walk and enjoy. I am planning a great escape here! Speaking of Nordic beauties, get lost into the wild with me, come and visit the Scandinavian fiords, I’ve planned the most kid-friendly tours over there! Kids will go for adventures, looking for vikings, Gods, elves, sprites and gnomes in the most beautiful natural landscape ever: the fiords of Stavanger, Hellesylt and Bergen.

Scandinavian fiords_Tapsy Tours in Norway for families with kidsRomance for parents and fun for children? Let’s head to Belgium, then. Bruges is a dream, seriously. It lays like a fairytale on the water, with colorful houses, little streets and bridges, full of stories about famous painters and nordic lights to catch in their paintings.


Let’s head to south! After being in every big city of Italy and Barcelona, I’ve explored other places and discovered the most kid-friendly of them. Let’s start with Croatia: not expensive, simple and made for children! Dubrovnik is the best example: small, rich of (roman) history and easy to walk. It was under the influence of Venice for a long time, so you can find some similarities with the Italian city.

Family tour in Dubrovnik on Tapsy Blog

Looking for France? Go south! Not far away from Marseille, I can bring children to discover Aix-en-Provence, the most beautiful city of Provence region. Children will be astonished by the lavender fields, the fountains and the magical flavors of the countryside.
Spain is not only Barcelona. Costa del Sol is one of the best European destinations for families in 2019 and Malaga is its main city. Half roman and half Arabic, Malaga is a miscellaneous of cultures, with its Alcazaba, the roman theatre, the Castillo de Gibrafaro. If you’re in a family road trip, you can’t miss Murcia and Cartagena. I’ve been there and I’ve discovered a place full of life: considered the ‘little treasure of Spain’, this city has been ruled by romans, like every place in south of Spain, but today expresses a great modernist side and a big cooking tradition. ¡Ándale, amigos!

Stay tuned if you want to know more about how to get a Tapsy Tour in one of these new destinations!


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