It’s spring and you are looking for the best hikes in Europe with kids, I know, I can see you! What if those outdoor experiences could be combined with a Tapsy Tour? Follow me!

best hikes in Europe with kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids

Spring is almost at its end this year, but that doesn’t mean you and your family can’t plan some great weekend escapes around Europe. What if we go hiking? Time you spend outdoor is always worth, especially for kids. They breathe good air, stroll in the nature, discover the pleasure of having a full immersion through trees, mountains, countryside, sea, amazing landscapes.

When you can combine those outdoor experiences with a Tapsy Tour, you have the perfect family travel weekend!

So, where are some of the best hikes in Europe with kids (and with Tapsy)? All you have to do is coming with me and you will have the time of your life! Let’s go!

best hikes in Europe with kids_Tapsy Tours for families with kids


Keep reading to discover the best places to do trekking in Europe with your kids!


Ah, Italy! Do you know a place that screams ‘Spring!’ More than this beautiful Mediterranean Country? The perfect weekend hike family destination is the Amalfi Coast, an incredible mix of adventure, beauty, amazing food and sea, what do you want more?

best hikes in Europe with kids_Amalfi coast, Italy_Tapsy Blog

The place to go hiking with kids is the Sentiero degli Dei (the Way of Gods), an amazing trekking experience for both adults and children. It goes from Agerola to Nocella, a small place just beside Positano. The route is like 7 km long, you can do it all or just a part of it, but it is absolutely worth the journey: the view from up there is simply amazing. Don’t forget a stop in Amalfi for some super good Delizie (a treat with lemon cream). Your weekend will be perfect if you spend an half day in Pompei and doing a Tapsy Tour with me! It is about 45 mins away from the coast, what are you waiting for?


Hiking though the lavender fields, a dream that comes true! Provence is always a good idea, especially during spring. Hikes here is basically split in 2 categories: you can go countryside or coastal. Both are amazing, you just have to decide which one you prefer! Here you can find the best hike routes in Provence, from Marseille to Aix en Provence. Don’t forget to taste some delicious Calissons (super local treats)!

best hikes in Europe with kids_Provence, France_Tapsy Blog

Speaking of Marseille, what about a Tapsy Tour of the city during the weekend?


Who said you can’t hike through a city? Sintra is the perfect example of an amazing walking experience in one of the most representative Portuguese cities. Here there are some of the best hikes you can do throughout Sintra and outside the city. I strongly recommend you to stay in the city and take your time to go and discover Castles and Palaces, they are amazing.

best hikes in Europe with kids_Sintra, Portugal_Tapsy Blog

Do you know that Sintra is just 30 mins away from Lisbon? You have no excuses: 2 beautiful cities in a weekend! Don’t worry about Lisbon, here you will find me and my Tapsy Tour of the city. I’ll show you all the secrets and we will have time to taste some Pastéis (yes, a local treat!), kids will adore it, and you too!


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