Planning airplane activities for kids is not easy, especially if you are not a big fun of technologies for the little ones. Keep reading to discover with me the most engaging and educational activities for kids on a plane!

Travel activities for kids on airplanes

When you try to plan airplane activities for kids, it’s very probable that I-pads or Mobile Apps will come to your mind first. However, although it’s very easy to keep kids quiet with a videogame or a cartoon, this is not the best option to stimulate their creativity. What to do then? Well, your little ones deserve the best, and what’s the best if not activities tailored to their curious and smart brains? You can either decide to plan them yourself, or to rely on editorial products tailored to travelling kids, just like yours!



Playing is extremely important to children, as it helps them developing their imagination and their ability to learn new things. In fact, when kids are playing, they are more likely to learn. Why don’t you take the advantage of this then? Besides making them play with other kids and toys, which is doubtless extremely important for their growth, you could try to play games to teach them something about the place you are going to visit together. How? Through game activities like riddles, crosswords and enigmas.

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There is a little artist in every kid and that’s what you have to discover to make time pass by during the flight. What to do? You can either bring coloring books, or even better, invent activities that can turn their imagination on. For example you can tell them a story and ask them to draw some personalities or a curious situation related to the story. Even better if you tell them stories related to the destination you are going to visit, it will make them even more engaged in the family holiday!

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Kids are the curious beings par excellence, that’s because they have a lot to learn and their brains work very fast. What to do to satisfy their curiosity then? You could tell them interesting facts about the place you are travelling to together. Legends, historical events, curious stories, but in a fun and kid-friendly way. Believe me, they will get much more engaged with the family travel this way! Want to know more stories? Join a Tapsy Tour, designed to keep the whole family engaged during the city tour!

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You may think this is not a good suggestion, as most travellers like you will be looking for silence to rest. Bu hey, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. So, if your kids are in a screaming and shouting mood, that’s a good reason to start singing songs. I bet your flight mate will appreciate it much more! Why don’t you take the advantage to invent a song with some easy words of the language of your arrival destination or related to the monuments you are going to see?

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If you need an easy way to have them within reach, the only thing you will need is Tapsy’s Interactive Travel Guides and Pocket Guides, the kid-friendly travel guides made to keep children engaged during and with the family travel!


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