I can’t believe it’s spring already! I am getting ready to bring families to the best European cities for kids, where you can enjoy a bit of spring sun and learn a lot about local culture and history. Here it is my top 3!

Côte d’Azur with kids_best European cities for kids

How much do you love spring? Me, a lot. I mean, I love every season, but spring is when I finally wake up from the lethargy and I can go wondering around Europe! Nothing better to stroll among beautiful cities and countryside and enjoying the spring sun. What are the best European cities for kids to go in this period? Follow me in this amazing, mediterranean journey. TAPSYlicious!


No place is better than the mediterranean area to enjoy spring sun! Southern Italy is definitely the place to be. Not as crowded as summer, spring here is a great chance for families with kids to enjoy a bit of real local life. A cry you can’t miss: Polignano a mare! This astonishing place is a real Apulian corner. Placed on a huge cliff, Polignano is a great spot for families. The city centre is almost completely car free so kids can stroll around without any problem. The main beach of Polignano is located just outside the city centre and offers a great view of the city, up to the rock in front of the beautiful Adriatic sea. Top thing to do: go for an excursion along the sea caves and secret beaches, don’t forget to bring a picnic set with some delicious local fish sandwiches!

Polignano a mare with kids_best European cities for kids_Tapsy Blog

Polignano is just 30 mins away from Alberobello, probably the most representative Apulian spot! Don’t miss the chance to visit it and doing a Tapsy Tour with me!

best European cities for kids_Alberobello_Tapsy Blog


All the roads lead to Rome, it’s said. And you can check it’s true if you go to Tarragona. This beautiful Spanish village has something that almost no one place has: a stunning Colosseum on the beach! A great chance for kids to enjoy the sun on the beach and have a huge history masterpiece just beside it to visit.

Tarragona with kids_best European cities for families_Tapsy Blog

Do you know a better way to learn something new and have a relaxing time? This place is made for families and – most important thing – it is just at about one hour of train from Barcelona! You can plan a great Spanish weekend and enjoy Catalunya at its best: have a Tapsy Tour of Barcelona with me and then escape to follow romans’ step in Tarragona. That’s a wrap!

Tapsy Tour of Barcelona with kids_Tapsy Blog


Vive la France! Are you a cool family? The stunning Côte d’Azur is waiting for you! Plan some days in South of France to enjoy some serious spring sun with you children and walk among the most beautiful French spots! Here it is the plan: leave the car, take the train and plan some stops along the most fashionable mediterranean coast. From Nice to Cannes, passing through beautiful Antibes village, the French coast will treat you with great food, amazing landscapes, stunning beaches and a very ‘slow motion’ life style.

Tapsy Tour of Marseille with kids_Tapsy Blog

If in Antibes, don’t forget to visit the Picasso Museum, a great place for children. Picasso spent a period of his life here, which himself defined ‘the most beautiful period of my life’. Keep moving by train and reach Marseille! Here I will wait you with a Tapsy Tour of the city, I’ll bring children on the hunt for pirates! Do you know a better way to spend the weekend?


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