While traveling through Europe – with me, of course – take your time and enjoy my personal list of events for kids 2019: some of them were thought for adults, but now they are the perfect escape for the whole family. Follow me!

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Is Europe the best place to be with children this year? It definitely is.

You don’t have to travel far away to get the chance to share great experiences for the whole family. The best events for kids 2019 are basically events thought for adults, but since modern families are formed by parents who still like to go for concerts, contemporary art, festival and huge events, it is not unlikely to find spaces devoted to kids. 

And since I like to have fun with children, here it is my personal list of events for kids 2019 in Europe, during different periods od the year.

Wanna come with me?


Have you ever considered Italy in winter? There is an event your children and you should see at least once in a lifetime, the famous Carnival! It’s in my personal list of the best events for kids 2019 for many reasons: Venice is stunning, the Carnival is an astonishing festival of colors and children can get the chance to visit this beautiful city and know more about its main traditions. The Carnival origins are centuries old, like from 1296, and it’s all about art and tradition. Your children and you can share the time of your lives getting on a traditional costume and getting lost in the tiny streets and channels! I am too big to get a proper elegant costume, but I am working on it!

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It is music time! I know you parents still feel like you’re the rockstars here and you wish the same for your children. When in doubt, go to Glastonbury! One of the biggest pop-rock music festivals in Europe, it’s the perfect escape for a young family who wants to enjoy music in a great venue, with special areas for children. I’ve been here loads of times and I’ve got the perfect itinerary for your family weekend: come with me to visit the Stonehenge area, just few kilometers away from Glastonbury, then enjoy the festival with your children! Children aged 12 and under are admitted free when accompanied by an adult (don’t forget to bring their id card!). There are 2 family camping fields, with a Green kids area where children can experiment climbing walls and wooden ships, with other entertaining activities. Highly recommended!

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You know Italy is one of my favorite place, that’s why I can’t stop recommending it for your family time. Let’s go back to Rome then. October is probably the best month to be in town, the weather is perfect and the city is full of events. So, after a Tapsy Tour of Ancient Rome, why stop your cultural feeling? Go ahead with Romaeuropa Festival, a massive event dedicated to performing arts. Theatre, music, performances, exhibitions, loads of stuff to see with your children! Art is for the whole family, that’s why this festival reserves some special spaces and shows for children, to teach them more about the fine art of performing in front of an audience. 

Check it out here, it will be updated shortly with 2019’s line-up.

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Here it is a festival completely devoted to family! In my sunny Barcelona, even Christmas time is worth a visit. You can enjoy a super kid-friendly Tapsy Tour of Barcelona and then get to this festival. Aimed at children aged 4-12 years old, the Barcelona’s children festival takes place from 1963 and it’s become huge. Over 100.000 visitors, 170 activities between workshops, games, sports and learning times. A special attention is reserved to solidarity, food and nutrition, culture, new technologies. Because children of today are the adults of tomorrow.


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