Barcelona is even more beautiful in September, when La Mercè Festival takes place all over the city. Shows, fireworks and great tradition makes the city a huge amusement park for children!

La Mercè Festival is your ‘can’t miss’ family moment if you are planning to spend time in Barcelona from 20th to 24th of September this year.

This celebration marks the end of summer for the Barcelonans, which call La Mercé Festival ‘La festa major de Barcelona’.

This huge party comes from a very ancient tradition and it’s in honor of the Mare de Deu de la Mercè, Our Lady of mercy, which is the patroness of the city together with Santa Eulalia.

Music, exhibitions, art, religion, tradition, everything mixed to create a 5-day-long party which involves the whole city.

So, what’s your plan? Follow me to enjoy Barcelona at its best in September!

la mercè festival



Most of the shows and the parades happen in the afternoon/evening, so you have the whole morning to explore the city. Book a Tapsy tour and let your children discover the city and chasing dragons! My expert guides and entertainers will help them to learn a lot of interesting stuff about local history and culture. When the afternoon comes, get ready to party all over the city!

La Mercé Festival has a huge calendar of events, and some very interesting highlights.

la mercè festival

The Falcons de Barcelona, for example, are a group of acrobats that make huge human towers and areal figures, acting for the first time in 2003 for Santa Eulalia. Since the very beginning, they become very popular and take shows all around Spain.

La Moixiganga is a human-tower dancing show with strong references to the religion.

One of the most special moments of La Mercè Festival is La Ceptrodata, where music and fire mix! Lots of drums open to a hell beasts parade, which cross the Hell’s door. Fireworks and firecrackers accompany this amazing show, which is as much spectacular as it is safe for children.

la mercè festival


Looots of music at La Mercè Festival! Every corner of the streets hosts music from the traditional to the most innovative one. Barcelona shine with millions of lights, from the classic ones to the art installation and the videomapping. Kids will be amazed of how many funny faces Barcelona can have during these days. Music and water will entertain the public at the Magic Fountain od Montjuic, where the usual water show takes place every year.

la mercè festival


If you have a car, leave it during the Festival. It is totally useless as many streets will be closed to host the shows. It is also a good chance to explore many hidden corners in the Barrio Gotico and the Born districts.

Street food is the solution: a slice of tortilla in a sandwich or some good tapas will help you and your kids to get in the right mood for the celebrations!

The program is available here.


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