October in Paris is not just for romantic couples, but definitely a great time for families too! Follow me to enjoy Paris at its fullest!Tapsy's itinerary of Paris with kids on Tapsy Blog

How lovely is October in Paris? I love come here when autumn arrives, wear my Parisian hat and strolling over the city, eating croissant for breakfast and enjoying lights, scents and food.

This marvelous city is one of your best options to spend a lovely family time, surrounded by culture and history. Nothing gets more France than Paris!


Paris is huge. But hey, as a mole I’ve found so many shortcuts to reach the best attraction!

Notre Dame is the very first place I want to bring you to, it is one of the most important Parisian churches: kids would know it for the Hunchback story! He was a bell ringer who fell in love with the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda. Notre Dame is also the very heart of the city! There is a star set on the floor of the square in front of the church, it indicates the centre of the city, I bet kids will find it faster than I did the first time!

Notre Dame of Paris with Tapsy Tours for Families with Kids

Curiosities time! Do you know that the major of Paris runs the city from an hotel? Kidding, the Hotel de Ville is the name of the City hall, a beautiful palace besides the Senna river.

One of the places that I love the most is Centre Pompidou, the museum of contemporary art: designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano, it is so TAPSYlicious! Big and colorful, the museum hosts a lot of events and exhibitions for children.

Louvre museum of Paris on Tapsy Blog

Take your time now and get to Louvre museum: be patient here, this place is huge! I get lost every time, between paintings and statues from everywhere in the world. This museum is one of the biggest in the world. Just outside the Louvre, le Jardins de Tuileries is a beautiful French style park, where children can play and have fun before getting to the majestic Champs Élysées, the most famous Parisian street. According to classic mythology, the name means the place where peaceful souls rest.

Tapsy Tour of Paris with kids: Champs Elysees

Want to find a bit of Rome in Paris? Take a look at the Arc de Triomphe, built and inspired to ancient roman arches.

And here it is! Time to get to the Eiffel Tower, kids! Tall, big and beautiful, the tower is the symbol of the city. Curiosity time: Le Figaro paper had a print machine at the second floor, everyone could buy a copy with his name printed on it, like a certification screaming «hey, I bought Le Figaro on the Eiffel Tower!» My advice, dear TAPSYmates, is to go straight to the top of the tower and enjoy the stunning view and the beautiful sky of October in Paris.

Tour Eiffel of Paris with Tapsy Tours for Families with kids


If you are planning to go to Paris by the end of October, don’t forget to visit Kidexpo, a special event totally devoted to children: workshops, playground, entertainers, everything kids need to have a memorable day and learn new things!

Paris is definitely a Tapsy city, but there are so many more destination I love, find out more here!