Here they are some of the best family destinations in Europe to enjoy with your kids this autumn. Cities, culture, legends and myths in some of the most beautiful cities to go. Come with Tapsy!

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As we never stop traveling, autumn is the perfect season to enjoy many corners of Europe at their fullest. Temperatures are so good, and cities wake up after the sleepy summertime. Traveling with kids during this period of the year is a great opportunity to make them discover art and culture of the most beautiful European countries, where would you like to go? Follow me for 3 useful tips!



Let’s go ovest, let’s take a look at the Ocean! Portugal is a mystic land, even more stunning surrounded by the colors of the autumn. It is considered one of the most kid-friendly Countries in Europe. Central Portugal is particularly lovely in autumn, when you can enjoy a very nice family time between Lisbon and Sintra.

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One of the best things here are people: you will often have the feeling you know them for a very long time, they like to interact and telling stories about local life. Lisbon is a great start! The best way to enjoy it with chidlren? Booking a Tapsy Tour, of course! I will shoe you all the best highlights of the city and I will introduce you to the sweetest local treat, the pasteis de nata, kids will adore them! Also, take your time of a day trip to Sintra and the Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais. The city is one so mystic and beautiful, it really worth the journey. The park is a stunning wild place that brings you straight to some beautiful cliffs on the ocean.

best family destinations in Europe-Lisbon-Tapsy Blog


If kids are in search for magic, England is the place to go. Since Harry Potter’s times the interest for British culture and legends has been renewed, but truth is the English myth is much older than the little wizard. Start your adventure from London, the city of free museums! Where to begin? The TATE Modern is a real playground for kids, with many exhibitions and workshop devoted to little guests. I am renovating my itinerary in the city so we can enjoy a stroll together very soon! Looking for a day trip out of the city? Go straight to Stonehenge, I will wait you over there to intruduce kids to the magic land of Druids, telling them legends and stories about the most mysterious archeological site in England.

best family destinations in Europe-Stonehenge-Tapsy Blog


I’ve brought you to Italy many times, but I can’t help myself. This country always worth a visit and autumn makes everything magical. When in doubt, start from Florence, which is the perfect place to be with kids in autumn. Not as big as Rome, Florence is ideal to walk and bike around, having a nice step back in the past of Medici family glorious time. Their power influenced the city in many ways: culture, science, progress, politics. Many artists worked for the Medici, one above all is Leonardo da Vinci: want to discover more about its genius?

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Book a Tapsy tour and I will bring you trough history and to Leonardo’s museum, where kids will challenge their creativity looking at his incredible life and art. For a very nice day trip out of the city, I will bring you straight to Pisa to meet another genius, Galileo Galilei.

best family destinations in Europe-Pisa-Tapsy Blog

Why the tower is pendant? What did Galileo discover in Pisa? Come with me to discover all the secrets of this city!


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