Most families visiting Denmark focus on Copenhagen. Don’t get me wrong, that’s right to do, Copenhagen is beautiful. However, this must be said, there also many amazing day trips from Copenhagen that are really worth a visit with kids. Discover the best ones with me!

day trips from Copenhagen with kids_Tapsy Blog

What makes Copenhagen incredible is that there are plenty of things to do with kids: bike strolls, Christmas activities, music festivals…My favorite one? Well, of course exploring the highlights of the city! If you are lucky enough to discover Copenhagen through a family tour that can combine fun and culture for everybody, you can spend the rest of the time visiting the surroundings of the city!



Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2000, this Renaissance castle is a true marvel for all ages. In fact, thanks to the sumptuous internal decorations and the powerful canons outside, the castle will be an amazing discovery for both girls and boys.

How to get there: you can easily reach Kronborg Castle in less than one hour by taking a train from Københavns Hovedbanegård station and stopping at Helsingør St.

day trips from Copenhagen with kids_Tapsy Blog


The baroque gardens themselves, full of finely shaped bushes and fascinating fountains, are worth the trip. However, the Renaissance interiors of the castle and the amazing view over the lake and the gardens will really make your family day trip from Copenhagen an experience to remember.

TOP TIP: in the summer time and during some Danish holidays, the castle organizes activities for kids. Check on their website or contact them to see if you are lucky to participate.

How to get there: The best way to reach Frederiksborg Castle is by car, as it is located at about 40 Km from Copenhagen. However, if you don’t want to hire a car, there are some public transport itineraries that you can consider, that will take you there in about 1h 30 minutes.

day trips from Copenhagen with kids_Tapsy Blog


Considered one of the prettiest fishing villages in the area, this day trip from Copenhagen is often chosen by families who want to escape from the capital to enjoy a relaxing stroll and some excellent seaside food.

How to get there: Located at about 13 km from Copenhagen, it’s extremely easy and quick to get here. You can either drive up to Dragør or take a combination of buses that will take you there in about 30 minutes.

day trips from Copenhagen with kids_Tapsy Blog


In all likelihood, in your mind a short day trip from Copenhagen won’t include a change of country. But, hey man, this is the case! In fact, Malmö is a cute town of Sweden that is easy to reach from Copenhagen. Moreover, if your kids and you like both castles and museums, at Malmö castle you will also find a natural history museum, an art museum and an aquarium!

How to get there: The best way to get to Malmö is by train, it will take you just 40 minutes!

day trips from Copenhagen with kids_Tapsy Blog


Roskilde Cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals in the country and it is also listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. However, there is also another reason why you should visit Roskilde with kids: the Vikingeskibs Museet! In fact, the town hosts a very interesting museum of Viking ships, with many activities tailored to the little ones.

How to get there: In this case too, the train is a great option. In fact, in less than 40 minutes you can get to Roskilde station, located at less than 1 kilometer from Roskilde Cathedral.


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